1. Glorious

From the recording Glorious

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Mark Pogue- Lead Vocals
Andrew Currier- Keyboards
Elevation Worship Crew- Luke Anderson- Drums, Ricky Rodriguez- Electric Guitar, Bass, mixing
Remnant Church Choir featuring Quintavious Johnson adlib vocals at the end.


You Are Glorious
(Mark Pogue)

V1- Up this mountain I dare to climb
Smoke and Fire all around
Though I tremble at what I might find
I must reach Holy ground

Pre-chorus: Just like Moses I will seek you face
I must know you Lord in all your ways

Chorus: Oh my God you are Glorious, Marvelous, Victorious
Oh my God you are Glorious and Greatly to be Praised

V2- Lord your splendor and majesty
Shining brighter than the sun
In the beauty of your Holiness
Im forever undone

Bridge: I am hidden in the cleft of your rock
Heart ablaze with Holy fire
In the presence of your unfailing love
I will sing your praise on high.

Chorus x2