1. Flourish

From the recording Flourish

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Recorded by Mark Pogue, Andrew Currier, and members of Elevation Worship



V-1 When Im weary from battle
My strength has grown weak
I will call on you Jesus
For in you I'm complete
You’re Amazing, faithful and true
I leave all my worries and troubles with you

I Flourish in the Courts of my King
As I stand in your presence, your praises I sing
I will tell of your Goodness, Thrive and abide in your love
Jesus you lift me up, I Flourish, Flourish.

V2- When all I can see is darkness and pain
When all hope is gone and nothing remains
I will seek you and find you are near
You remind me I’m yours and remove all my fear
Bridge: Mighty protector, my Savior and friend
You give me courage to arise once again
You open my eyes so by faith I can see
Your love has lifted me
Verse3- When I am old, my life full of days
I will never grow tired of your glorious praise
You are faithful to bless and renew
The strength of my life and the fire of my youth
Chorus x2, Tag